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We Accept Scrap Materials in Victoria and Surrounding Areas

Williams Scrap Iron & Metals accepts a large variety of scrap materials at current market rates and brings you the best possible prices in exchange for your scrap in Victoria. We have compiled all the accepted scrap materials below along with what we don’t accept so that you can have a better idea of what we buy. Our company also sells excellent marine chain and shackles to moor boats and ferries. We would be glad if you give us a try and sell your scrap to us. 

Our Accepted Materials

To find out current prices, call our office, and one of our staff members will happily attend you:

Additional Accepted Materials

Brass turnings

Evendure tanks

Mag bronze

Truck rims

#3 Insulated copper wire

Stainless turnings





Wheel weights

Catalytic converters


Copper brass mix (copper pipe with brass fittings)

Unaccepted Materials

No Safes

No Used oils

No Garbage

No Wood

No Acetylene tanks

Advanced and Authentic Process

Each of our locations has government-certified scales for weighing materials. We pride ourselves on our work ethic to process and weigh material in a very short span of time. Abiding by the BC laws and regulations, we ask our customers to have a government ID when bringing in their material. Our Scrapit Metal buying software makes the process easier and hands-free, just scan your id, and your ticket gets processed. The payment will come out of our ATM with a printout of the product’s weights and prices of the material brought in.


Call our office to know our current prices.

Items We Recycle

We’ll be happy to buy the below-mentioned items from you for recycling.


Household scrap

Demolition scrap

Industrial scrap

End-of-life vehicles

Heavy equipment



Propane tanks



Our Services

We’re more than just a metal collection and recycling company; learn what else we excel at.

Recycling metals

Buying metals

Container services

Scrap metal pickup

We sell chain and shackles

Off-site demolition and cleanup

Metals Handled

We’ve been dealing with metals for over 60 years. Here are the metals we deal with:

Non-ferrous metals: copper, brass, aluminum, stainless steel, lead and zinc

Ferrous metals: iron, steel, and scrap vehicles

Describe What You’re Selling with Relevant Images

Although Williams Scrap Iron & Metals accepts a wide variety of metal scraps, there are certain materials we do not recycle. It’s always good to know beforehand what you’re willing to sell us. And to do that, we’ve devised a simple yet effective system. All you need to do is fill out the form below to submit the necessary information about the scrap with some pictures of the items you’re selling.


In some cases, submitting an image is extremely important. For instance, we accept catalytic converters. The picture and description you submit will make it easier for us to grade and price the converter even before you visit us, eventually saving time on both ends.


Please send multiple pictures from different angles and ensure that the pictures you’re submitting are of high quality so that we can price your items with ease. Contact us if you need our assistance or want to know more about our services.


Show Us Your Scrap



Phone number*

Description of Material*

Upload Images

Upload File

Recycle to Save the Environment

Recycling your scrap instead of just throwing it away is an important contribution to saving our environment.

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